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Adventures in Public Transportation: Gambler’s Express (Part Two)

August 26, 2008

Continuing our rigorous study of the GE environment, we move now to a less prominent but perhaps more aggressive faction of the bus – young urban professionals. Otherwise known as “yuppies.” Grab your freshly ironed suit and charge up those BlackBerries, folks, and follow me into the morass of financial injustice.

“Dude, we should pretend we’re, like, oil barons or some shit.” The laughter behind me is drowning out Ruth and Bettyanne’s slots discussion. A group of guys – all mid to late twenties, all in business attire, all cousins of Biff Lowman – talk at the top of their lungs. “Totally. Or, like, some obscure celebrities. Like a boy band. That would be soo fuckin’ funny, I swear.” Craig cracks up at this one. “Only if I get to be ‘the rebel,’ okay? You know I would OWN that shit.” After what I imagine to be a round of high fives, they settle into a lengthy conversation about what drinks they’ll buy that night (they decide to start with Jagerbombs, natch), what clothes they’ll wear (“power casual”), and what marker design is getting plastered on Nick’s face when he inevitably passes out. “You know you’re getting the penis, man. Just accept it.” I resign myself to my own situation, listening to them, and accept that I won’t get any quiet time on this bus. More?