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You Should Watch ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’

August 18, 2011

Late night interviews have since the dawn of television (or before that, when the interviews just weren’t recorded) relied on a pretty traditional physical layout: desk for the host, couch or comfy chair for the guest, and a span of about two feet keeping appropriate distance between them. This has always felt right, and to suggest another arrangement was probably tantamount to treason.

But one day this summer ‘SNL’ writer Mike O’Brien — the guy most responsible for the Kickspit Underground Rock Festival sketches, or more simply: the person who dreamed up “Mrs. Potato Dick” — said ENOUGH. People should be interviewed in a cramped, claustrophobic setting! Standing uncomfortably close to one another! Maybe drunk! And with that a truly revolutionary interview show, ‘7 Minutes in Heaven,’ was born.

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Your Cats on YouTube: A Soup to Nuts Approach

March 16, 2011

DJ Steve and I are bombarded almost daily with questions from people asking our opinion on a wide array of topics. Is this movie good? Should I buy that one album, or the other one? Should I join the military? But we don’t want to tell anyone the best way to do anything. That’s your business, first of all; what you decide is your choice. Moreover neither one of us is an expert on anything practical, what advice we could even sort of offer coated in near-complete ignorance. Mid-20th century doctors would have diagnosed us as “morons.” Let’s say you come at us with something like, I don’t know, taxes: “what service should I use?” A pause, then: “do we do have to do those again this year?” We’re the guys smiling as we wave you into an already-full parking lot. Or over a cliff.

But one thing we do know? The Internet. Also cats. And since for many people those two are today virtually synonymous, we thought it would be fun and more importantly SELF-AFFIRMING to take you step-by-step through the process of conceiving, shooting, editing, and marketing your very own viral cat video. Yesterday you were consuming; today, creating. With our method, in no time at all YOU’LL be the one grandma singles out as her favorite. And of course raking in those FAT YouTube views.

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Even the Third Reich is disappointed with the ‘Avatar’ trailer

August 28, 2009

Let’s dismiss for a second how sad the idea of an “Avatar Day” is (on any number of levels, pick one) and analyze the hype surrounding this mammoth cinematic event with our serious faces on. Avatar

allegedly cost $237 million to finance
stars an Australian actor we’re told is a champ back home, but who just sort of popped up stateside this year (hi!); first playing a robot, now playing a marine, and soon to be playing a Greek warrior (range!)
took 15 years to make it to theaters (James Cameron wrote the first draft in 1994)
looks like Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, but with giant blue cats

Does that cover it? I think we’ve covered it. Get your tickets now* before they sell out!

*Don’t buy tickets to this thing. At least not now, in August, four months before it’s released. Really?

“Legos on Acid” or “What have you done that’s so great?”

August 25, 2009

Fifty years ago families would sit in front of the radio, once a day, for their news and entertainment. Correspondence with friends and relatives might take days or weeks, a properly crafted letter the primary form of communication. TV dinners didn’t exist, because TVs weren’t yet in mass production and the microwave had not even been conceived. It was a slower, simpler time.

Today we can order Chipotle from our cell phones, which makes the unimaginably exhausting work put into the video below all the more incredible:

Whaaaaaattt??!?!? According to his YouTube page, this Lego tribute to 8-bit games* (and Legos) took creator Thomas Redigh around 1500 hours to construct and shoot. That’s two full months of work, guys! Save for crying about stuff like this, I have never been so dedicated to anything in my life. Leave it to the Swedes to show the rest of us (even fellow Scandinavians) how lazy we all are.

* At some point I might have asked “If I’m devoting the better part of my time and energy to this project, shouldn’t I have chosen a more fulfilling subject than videogames?” but I digress.

Credit(s) Where Credit’s Due

April 2, 2009

television1It’s an old but true saying that behind every great television show is a great opening credits sequence. (What?) From I Love Lucy to Green Acres to Cheers; Lassie to Miami Vice to The Sopranos, shows that captivate viewers in the first thirty seconds have proven 83% more likely to retain their audience (and be good, too). That’s just statistics. A well-mixed cocktail of music, flashy imagery, and a dynamic typeface can even disguise the sometimes mediocre content that follows. People sat through two craptacular middle seasons of The O.C., they loved the song “California” so much. A strong credits sequence can render the audience putty in your hands.

Lifting Fog is today going to do something  we’ve always shied away from – making lists – and we’re doing so for two reasons (ha!):

1) The writing staff needs time to recharge after exerting ourselves, vigorously, on April Fool’s Day. The unicorn in particular was really kind of draining.
2) The economy and stuff.

After the jump, examination of some of the best opening credits sequences ever devised (at least according to Henning, and in no particular order, so…) with careful frame-by-frame analysis and applied Jungian theory. Or more just “this is what I am thinking about this.”

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20 Second Intermission

February 17, 2009

More Oscar coverage this afternoon with a Lifting Fog review of Rachel Getting Married (“it came out four months ago” is the new “just released,” I’m telling you), but a palate cleanser is definitely in order before diving into a world of addiction and crippling childhood trauma. Like The Wrestler, Rachel isn’t exactly “whimsical.”

Of course, neither was Raging Bull, that classic Martin Scorsese film (and 1980 Best Picture LOSER) about issues-laden boxer Jake La Motta… until someone decided to remix it with The Flintstones. NSFW, cubicle dwellers!

Perfect. YouTube is f*ckin’ great.