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No No, AFTER He Graduates

September 4, 2008

Hey there, Upper West-Siders – Gossip Girl here bringing you the latest whispers from the political elite. Seems that Senators Obama and McCain will be making a surprising stop at fair Alma Mater next week, putting down their convention-tested weapons for a moment and speaking to a non-partisan crowd about public service. Anyone with a web browser knows that O is returning to old turf, but M’s no stranger, either – his daughter graduated from Columbia in 2007 and he himself spoke at Commencement in 2006. Will next Thursday’s speeches be cordial… or confrontational? You know what they say about familiarity… You know you love me.

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New Season of Gossip Girl: The Best Way to Relive the High School Experience You Never Had

September 3, 2008

Oh Gossip Girl, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. CW’s flagship show is back and more shallow than ever. And no, I don’t mean those ruthless teenage Shakespeares professing their deepest, darkest desires on camera aided by expository voice-over. I’m talking about the shallow waters surrounding the Hamptons: setting for the second season premiere of America’s favorite OC replacement! Yes! While the first season left me craving more expensive Ext. Night shot Manhattan soirees and 10 million dollar Central Park loft Guitar Hero parties, I found myself quite content settling on a Vitamin Water sponsored, sooooooo appropriate White (on, not after) Labor Day mixer. The gang was all there, even Little J’s won’t-hit-puberty-for-at-least-5 years ex, Eric (played by first time actor Connor Paolo). This show’s got it all. But the question remains: why do we watch?