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The Pros and Cons of Having Just Turned 25

July 2, 2011

For many all of us born in 1986, this is the year we turn the big 2-5 and say goodbye to one demographic (18-24) and accept, begrudgingly or with open arms, our induction into the 25-34 club. First off: congratulations, everyone! We made it! If honor student bumper stickers and participation trophies have taught us anything, it’s that no accomplishment is too small or too not-an-accomplishment to merit recognition. You’ve managed to keep yourself alive and breathing for exactly a quarter of a century, which is no minor feat considering the amount of Nikolai vodka you drank in college. Another round of applause for the birthday guys and gals!

But as with any celebratory event, rabble-rousing inevitably gives way to sober reflection and the realization that 25 is more complicated than its perfect square configuration would suggest. Pros AND cons attend this unique birthday, and as the title of this post would suggest we’re now going to straight up talk about all of them. It goes without saying, but hold onto your butts.

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Pre-Week Brain Dump (Part 2 of 2)

September 16, 2008

Part 2 of yesterday’s effort to cleanse myself before the work week begins. I recognize that being the Tuesday of that week, this hardly qualifies anymore as being “pre-” anything… but dammit if I was going to leave a Part 1 dangling. I’ll never do you like that. More structured writing to follow!

1) FOX’s Fringe

The end of summer means a decrease in sunscreen sales and an increase in sales of L.L. Bean backpacks. More importantly, though, it means the start of the fall television schedule. New shows. Old shows. Old shows disguised as new shows. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, really; one that I never hesitate to get lost in. While there are certain shows I’ll never touch (ahem, Grey’s Anatomy), I look at these first few weeks of programming the way some do the first few weeks of college classes – I shop. What does it hurt to sample a little Privileged? Try out True Blood? Every show (except Grey’s Anatomy) deserves a shot on my schedule, so I try my hardest to catch the pilots of damn near all of them. Won’t you join me?