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Haiku Review: ‘Win Win’

July 8, 2011

‘Bridesmaids’ you may still be able to catch in theaters; ‘Win Win’ DEFINITELY not. So…

Giamatti and
Verisimilitude and
Cannavale. …Sold!

Making good slice-of-life movies these days has to be difficult. On one side of the business you’ve got the Academy reiterating how important it is for your movie to be British (and about the trouble expressing emotions when you’re British); on the other side, nerds — so many goddamn nerds! — dictating creative policy from their parents’ basements and/or Gamestop. “I get that the character’s an accountant, but wouldn’t it be more captivating and, like, post-modern if he were an accountant…to superheroes?” Irony of ironies considering the film on the board today, it’s generally a LOSE LOSE scenario out there for any movie without a glossy hook.

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