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April 3, 2009
The future center of your music world.

The future center of your music world.

I’ve been known to jump on a few bandwagons before, I know, but this time I think I’m on to something. Or I shouldn’t say I – many people are on to something. Imagine the following Web 2.0 defining characteristics: mobility, community, based in Silicon Valley. is all of these things but so much more. (NOTE: While this is certainly not a pay for play article, I will welcome any and all checks from the company if they should see fit.) I think this website is going to redefine how music is listened to in the future. I’m listening to it right now as I write this, in fact, indulging in “Oh La” by Ra Ra Riot after a friend reminded me of how much I love the song. This was the same friend who turned me on to the site (thanks Tim). So I guess you’re wondering why I think it’s going to change things as we know it.

Don’t be shy, read on!

This Just In: I’m Driving

September 18, 2008
Idiots/Poor People Need Not Apply

Web 2.0: Idiots/Poor People Need Not Apply

Attention dear Fog blogists: I’m writing to you today from the US-101 (the Hollywood Freeway, that is) mid Starbucks sip. And no, I’m not stuck in traffic, I’m doing a healthy 70 mph (miles per hour, for our European audience). Web 2.0 is like a beautiful sunrise for me everyday. No, I’ve never been up early enough to enjoy an actual sunrise (has anyone?). (Editor’s note: Henning has) What I mean is that I watch a video of the sun rising (time lapse of course, I’m a busy person) everyday on YouTube. On my phone. In the car. While I’m driving. Do I have your attention yet? Do you think I’m a geek, a technophile, an asshole? Good. Because I just twittered about my hatred for anything older than 3G technology in the time it took you to judge me. Loser.