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The One Where We Say Goodbye

April 20, 2012

Well, here we are. Four years, 300+ posts, and shockingly few personal changes later we’ve arrived at the end of the line. It’s not that there’s nothing more to say — in the realm of personal blogging there is always more to say — but that, for two 25-year-old guys with non-childish aspirations…it’s time to put away childish things. (Writing about real-life Hamburglars could not fit this any more perfectly.) Near the end of The Return of the King, Gandalf tells Pippin of a “far, green country” that lay beyond death. In no so many ways that’s where DJ Steve and I are headed — outside our digital comfort zone toward a world that’s terrifying and beautiful and unavoidable and here it is and OH SHIT WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO NEXT.

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Haiku Review: ‘Watchmen’

March 31, 2009

You would see (or not see) this movie with or without two Lifting Fog reviews, but ours is still an important voice in American film criticism and worthy of scrutiny. Or so my grandmother says. Don’t worry, this review is free of bright blue genitalia!

watchmenfinalposterImperfect – I know.
Makeup and music – I know.
But HERE. And not bad!

A loyal patron of arthouse cinema, I saw Watchmen three weeks ago when it first opened. It hardly moved me, and I left fully prepared that weekend to offer a perfunctory “it is what it is” review with a clever title like “Don’t Watch The Watchmen” or “You’ll Be Watching Your Watches Instead.” As great as either of those would have been, I didn’t get around to the review.

One week later I sat down to watch the movie again, this time in IMAX. (You say “sucker”; I say “generous soul.”) It seemed right to offer Watchmen, a film so unavoidably tangled in decades of hype and expectation, a second chance. And sure enough… I sort of didn’t hate it. In fact… I kind of sort of liked it. Don’t worry – my fanboy license is already in the shredder.

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Who Will Watch the Watchmen? After Opening Weekend… Probably No One

March 10, 2009

Consider this one of the most obvious posts ever written on Lifting Fog. While it’s unclear how many people were as excited to see Watchmen this weekend as The Fog’s senior staff, I assume at least a few other people also went to go see it. Everyone has their opinions on how the film most considered un-makeable turned out. This is just one man’s opinion, but perhaps it will offer some reflection not previously blogged or written about in the last few days. (NOTE: My goal was to make this as long-winded as the film, so buckle up and bunker down if you are so inclined as to keep reading. I focused on the negatives here, although I found positives as well which I did not list.)


“God Help Us All”

March 9, 2009

So Watchmen, right? With the sex and the music and the misguided sex scene music? DJ Steve and I will each have our full review up sometime in the next 24 hours, but suffice it to say the movie is… interesting, and certainly provokes discussion of a number of topics, cinematic or otherwise. If you haven’t caught it already, be sure to go with your church group soon – they’ll love it!

Before we dive headfirst into the navel-gazing stuff, we figured it’d be good to place the movie in its larger cultural context. Most everyone knows that Watchmen draws its story from Alan Moore’s 1986 miniseries. But did you know that Zack Snyder’s latest film is also a shot-for-shot remake of an even more recent work? Check it out:

There is nothing new under the sun.

(Thanks to TD/Tom for sharing the video!)

Ummmmmmmmm….. New WATCHMEN Trailer!

November 16, 2008

Courtesy of the LA Times, (it’s like the NY TImes, only 3 hours behind), here is the new Watchmen trailer that debuted before Quantum of Solace. Given that people are estimating a $60 million US opening for Bond, I wonder if anybody saw it? If you’re like me, you arrived late to the theater after a lot of running and you missed it. So here it is in small, web-cast quality goodness. God bless Muse for their epic songwriting. Enjoy!

UNWANTED ADDENDUM: Hi, folks! Henning here with a quick supplemental recommendation for the Watchmen initiated. About a month ago Titan Books released its long awaited Watching the Watchmen, a companion book to the original graphic novel. With previously unreleased art, character sketches, notes and more, this is THE gift to get that special cape-wearing someone this holiday season. Worried about dropping Gouda in this economy? At $40, it’s a steal. Coffee table approved!

Things That Happened In The Last Five Weeks, Part 5

November 9, 2008

5) I Became More And More Convinced That Watchmen Might Actually Be Good

Over the summer I shared with you my concerns for the upcoming Watchmen adaptation. How Zach Snyder doesn’t inspire much confidence. How the book is practically holy scripture for legions of bearded, caped fans and to translate would be blasphemous. How after following the film’s production and watching its trailer I… am not so worried anymore. Really. At least on an artistic level, it looks as though they’ve done everything right. The latest round of posters (included below) does nothing to dissuade that notion.


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It’s A Crow Eating Contest

August 1, 2008

The Watchmen movie marketing machine (M³) is still batting a thousand. First that pimptastic teaser. Then the introduction of unique “Motion Comics.” Now these:

Dr. Manhattan

Dr. Manhattan

Oh, there’s more.

Eating Crow: “Watchmen” Movie Edition

July 26, 2008

When I heard last year that Zack Snyder would take the helm of the upcoming Watchmen movie, I was more than a little nervous. I was probably terrified. Written in 1986 by Alan Moore and illustrated by Dave Gibbons, Watchmen represents the zenith of sequential storytelling – the Mount Everest of graphic novels. It turned the superhero archetype on its head, examining a group of flawed, costumed men (and one woman) as they unravel a murder mystery and deal with very real personal issues. While not the most important comic ever written, it challenged and pushed the medium in ways hitherto unattempted. If you know nothing about the book, I’d direct you here (Wikipedia, natch) for what is likely a more succinct synopsis than I could provide. My explanations are nothing if not rambling. More? Really?