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Adventures in Public Transportation: Gambler’s Express (Part One)

August 21, 2008

I’ve been itching for a while to start writing about my “adventures in public transportation,” chronicling the unique experiences found in ridin’ dirrty on buses, trains, and subway cars. First up: a close look at that fabled dreamers’ magic carpet, the Greyhound bus to Atlantic City… more commonly known as the “Gambler’s Express.”

Sometimes you just need to gamble. Sometimes you need to embrace trashy boardwalk fun. Luckily for city-dwellers, you can satisfy both needs with the aforementioned “Gambler’s Express,” an Atlantic City-bound bus that’s a veritable Mos Eisley cantina of unique life forms. I’ve always sort of known about it, heard stories about delusional grandmothers looking to win big, douchey finance-types looking to score, and other sad sacks sandwiched in-between. It was never a pretty picture. Rolling the dice like so many on the bus, though, I decided a few weeks ago that it was time to give the trip a whirl. What I discovered was a diverse cluster of people looking to better themselves; to improve their standing in some profound way. What I discovered… was the American Dream. Cue green light.