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‘The Last of Us, Pt. II’: The Hate U Give

October 6, 2020

Guys, it’s been a minute, and we’ve got so much to catch up on, but first up: some overwrought reflection on my favorite game of 2020, and possibly ever, ‘The Last of Us, Pt. II’. We are FULL SPOILERS from here on in, so if 1) you haven’t completed the game (and plan to) or 2) just have no interest, at all, now’s your cue to go fire up HBO’s ‘The Vow’ instead. This essay will probably be just as long and meandering!


If you’re still reading, then you’re already well-versed in the plot of ‘The Last of Us, Pt. II’. But this is my first blog post in a while, and daddy wants to stretch his prosaic muscles, so–

FIVE YEARS after the events of the first game (‘Pt. I,’ retroactively), smuggler/killer/guitarist/dad Joel is beaten to death by a ski-capped stranger. Joel’s surrogate daughter Ellie, utterly broken, sets off on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge through Seattle. When she reaches the apex of that revenge… the game’s perspective shifts, and suddenly you’re playing as Abby, aka the ski-capped monster you’ve been trying to kill, now navigating her OWN story of trauma and vengeance. WTF?! Up is down, down is up, until 20+ hours later when you finally confront each other on a beach in Santa Barbara, battle to the death… and then each stumble away — Abby to Catalina Island, Ellie to Jackson, Wyoming, both of you to a future finally unshackled from this endless cycle of blood.

(The game’s a friggin’ laugh riot, is what I’m trying to say!)

‘LoU II’ is many things — a zombie survival game, a stealth shooter, a playable movie — but above all, it’s this: a study of people dealing with tremendous pain, hollowed out by hate, who slowly (really slowly) find the courage and grace to let it go. I don’t see any kind of metaphor for 2020 in there, no way, you’re crazy.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, The Beatles!

September 8, 2009

It’s Tuesday, which makes “Mondaze” an inaccurate label, but who cares. Tuesdaze. The Beatles!

They say that everything old is new again, and right now nothing proves that more than the hyper fanfare surrounding the latest offerings from The Beatles. 45 years after appearing mop-topped and suited-up on the Ed Sullivan show, the boys from Liverpool are once again driving women (and middle-aged men) crazy: tomorrow sees the twin release of The Beatles: Rock Band and remastered editions of all their albums. The box set of the latter has been sold out on Amazon since it was announced a few weeks ago; the former will likely be the most sought-after videogame of the fall. The Beatles, arguably the greatest and most devotion-inspiring band of the 20th century, have now successfully planted their flag in the filled with unmemorable music newish 21st. Good thing, those guys could definitely use the money!

Obama’s Presidential Victory, Now On Your Super Nintendo Game Console!

December 2, 2008


This was, of course, inevitable. After children’s books, songs by would-be “political” rappers (and friends!) and face-lifts for outdated American currency, it was only a matter of time before President-Elect Obama dipped his toe in the 16-bit pool. Enter “Super Obama World,” a platforming adventure starring everyone’s favorite 44th President of the United States. As in its predecessors, “Super Mario World” and “SMW 2: Clinton’s Island”,” the controls are relatively simple: run right, run left, jump. (Like Mario, Obama’s got ups.) Easy to play but hard to put down, this just-released game will quickly become your favorite antidote to workday depression.

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