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You Should Watch ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’

August 18, 2011

Late night interviews have since the dawn of television (or before that, when the interviews just weren’t recorded) relied on a pretty traditional physical layout: desk for the host, couch or comfy chair for the guest, and a span of about two feet keeping appropriate distance between them. This has always felt right, and to suggest another arrangement was probably tantamount to treason.

But one day this summer ‘SNL’ writer Mike O’Brien — the guy most responsible for the Kickspit Underground Rock Festival sketches, or more simply: the person who dreamed up “Mrs. Potato Dick” — said ENOUGH. People should be interviewed in a cramped, claustrophobic setting! Standing uncomfortably close to one another! Maybe drunk! And with that a truly revolutionary interview show, ‘7 Minutes in Heaven,’ was born.

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