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‘Revenge of The Fallen’ Only Manages to Transform Into a Shell of Its Former Self

June 25, 2009

Hot babes with hot bods. Sick cars and huge bots. Mind melting visual effects and heart shaking soundscapes. Sun destroying ancient alien technology and Matrices of Leadership? Pause for a moment to imagine the sound I am about to make… Pffwhat? Tonight I attended an IMAX screening for three of the previous four reasons inherent in the Transformers canon, but one of these seems fairly foreign to me. What is a Matrix of Leadership? I didn’t know before I entered the theater and I’m still only half sure now. Yet this, along with countless other plot defying tricks, was the way the 2nd Transformers story was told and after 2.5 hours of head scratching and laughing out loud (at all the wrong times) I have to say I’m a bit shocked. At one point I laughed so loud at one of the many sharp turns the story took, that the teenager next to me looked at me like he must have looked as his father during the 1st movie: “What’s so funny, Dad?”

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