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Things That Happened In The Last (Well, Six) Weeks, Part 3

November 6, 2008

3) The New York Mets fell apart. Again.



Things That Happened In The Last Five Weeks, Part 2

November 6, 2008

2) “You… You’re Serious. The Phillies Made the World Series?”

This is the last Phillies post, I swear.

They happened, alright, and in a bigger way than hardly anyone could have expected. After last year’s dismal showing in the post-season (against a red-hot Colorado Rockies team), all I was hoping for this year was an NLCS berth. What did I get? What did the City of Brotherly Love get? Oh, I think you know. World f*cking champions, baby.

In over 100 years of league play, the Phillies had won the Fall Classic only once before. The city of Philadelphia, home to incredible fictional athletes like Rocky Balboa and Tony Danza, had not seen a championship in over 25 years. The Fightin’ Phils’ routing of Tampa Bay, then, was huge – maybe not for unrepetant bastard Bud Selig or moderately successful former gay porn star Joe Buck, but certainly for a great number of people in and around the Delaware Valley. We may be fat. We may be obnoxious. We may be borderline f*cking retarded. But dammit if we’re not proud of our team. More fandemonium after the jump!

Things That Happened In The Last Five Weeks, Part 1 (of 13)

October 21, 2008

So that 72 hour deadline may have been unreasonably optimistic (4.33 posts per day says, “really, I had NOTHING else to do”) but I was serious when I announced a 13-part HBO-style retrospective on this past month. You know, the one I kind of skipped. Over the next week I’d like to revisit everything Lifting Fog missed, from the public (Election ’08, PHILLIES OMFG) to the personal (learning to drive in NYC, clinging to college) to the private (it’s… it’s back). Dual goals here: first is regaining your trust. Second is washing the barnacles from my keyboard. A third might be world peace, but I don”t expect a few blog entries to completely bring us all together. Not just yet.

1) I Grew A Beard

Call it laziness, but that I wasn’t able to blog with any real gusto this weekend is mostly because I was home in South Jersey. Ever been? It’s a wonderful place filled with laughter, hope, and Wawa coffee; the reason New Jersey is known as the Garden State and home to real salt of the earth folk. When people talk shit on Jersey, they’re usually thinking of NORTH Jersey, home to landfills and chemical plants and guidos. We don’t even know how to spell “guido” in South Jersey. Grammar is somewhat lacking, too. What does this have to do with facial hair? Keep reading, Grizzly.