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Some Sick Videos. That’s It.

March 3, 2010

Take it as one of the reasons we don’t post everyday or just a testament to our own false sense of superiority (either works!), but it’s become something of a Lifting Fog mission to not allow this site to become a compendium of Internet paraphernalia. You know the stuff: Downfall Hitler mash-ups*, bizarre music videos** — the endless and endlessly inane stream of clips and images and links that keep us from writing our novel (it’s about a society disconnected) or even getting to that article we bookmarked on avoiding procrastination. “Dude, this is the SICKEST video I’ve ever seen. Starts kind of slow, but you have to watch the whole thing!” will probably be the last thing we hear before collapsing onto our keyboards and embracing warm, sweet death. Lifting Fog doesn’t want to be a party to that! We refuse to drink the Kool-aid***!

…But sometimes the videos really are the sickest you’ve ever seen. And what can you do?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This “History of Western Art”-inspired Hold Your Horses! video is pretty French and yet PRETTY SICK.

Two more SICK videos after the jump, because of the rule of three.

Consider This Our Obligatory “The Oscars Happened Last Night!!” Post

February 23, 2009

Everyone and their mother (especially yours) will be going on at length today about last night’s ceremony, offering in-depth commentary on everything Oscar. The dresses! The awards! The Jackman! (He really was fantastic.) We at Lifting Fog recognize the pointlessness that attends almost all post-Oscar analysis, though, and will be avoiding any sort of “but here’s what WE think” post today. Because who gives a shit.

Of course we DID watch, and in our ongoing effort to brighten your Monday morning offer a clip of last night’s one truly French moment:

What unusual people. Oh, and congratulations to La Maison en Petits Cubes for winning Best Animated Short! Upset of the night!