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Ski-Wee: A National Concern

March 10, 2009

I went skiing last weekend. This is what I took away from the experience.


Like many of you, I was once a small child. Frolicking in the tall grass, catching crawdads down by the stream. Smokin’ Smarties. All kinds of shit. Childhood is a time to be let loose; to fall down, get up, and experience the world in a safe and mostly consequence-free environment. (Even the baddest lil’ mo-fos will only get juvie!) It is a time to learn and experiment.

They never accounted for skiing.

You all know Ski-Wee, right? Little kids wearing brightly colored vests and oversize flight helmets, learning to ski in gang formation? It’s sort of like a second baptism for white children, consecrating their winter bond with fake snow and North Face jackets. It’s also terrible.

No joke! Find out more after the jump.

In Like A Lion…

March 2, 2009

It might be 65 degrees today in DJ Steve’s part of the country (it might also be 7 AM), but here in the Big Apple we’re sitting under a heavy blanket of snow. Three weeks from the official start of spring and we’ve been hit with the biggest snowfall of the season, closing public schools for the day (Dalton kids will be helicoptered in) and causing plenty of transportation delays. Consider my full day of doing nothing totally justified!

PS – Contrary to what we I posted last week, Lifting Fog will not, in fact, be observing Lent. As hedonists of the highest order, it would be positively futile for us to attempt abstinence of any kind. We’re with Bristol Palin – it’s just not realistic.