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Lifting Fog Live: Simian Mobile Disco Melts Minds in LA

March 18, 2009

Last night I was on ecstasy. NOW HOLD ON A MINUTE. I know what you’re thinking… what would McKay Hatch think about that? Well don’t worry, McKay, Mom, and Dad – I was high on MUSIC last night. Although the dazzling array of lights could have easily convinced me I was on Ecstasy, I’m quite sure I wasn’t. Simian Mobile Disco came to LA last night and played a high octane set at the notoriously indie scenester Henry Fonda Theater in Hollywood. The sold out show was packed full of people of all races, creeds, religion, and varying Vans authentic shoes/girl jeans combinations. But despite the varying tastes and shapes, everyone was there for one collective purpose: TO DANCE! (If you keep reading… there’s video!)

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