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I’ve Missed You!*

June 1, 2009

hourglassSo it’s June. Yikes! The last time we saw each other I was still a sprightly 22, Kris Allen had not yet struck a major blow for traditional family values, and our friends in the class of 2009 had not yet graduated (congrats!) to a world of financial instability and worry (oops!). Forever ago, lover. But like herpes the Terminator, I’m back – ready to assault your RSS feed with robotic efficiency and writing that can only be described as “human-like.” Keep reading if you want to live.

So not only is it June, it’s also Monday… which means I can get away with an easy “Mondaze” post to kick off the week. More polished Lifting Fog cultural analysis to follow, naturally, but first (after the jump) a YouTube clip that will offend absolutely no one.

Jump to it!