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Things That Happened In The Past Six Weeks, Part 8 (of 8)

November 21, 2008

So that’s that. In the spirit of forward momentum, I’ve decided to axe the remaining five “Things That Happened In The Past Six Weeks” posts. While there is of course always more to talk about (“Henning vs. The Laundromat,” “Know Your Phone Book”), the time seems right to forget about the past and lunge instead toward the wild, uncertain future. What will happen tomorrow? The next day?

I have no idea! That’s exciting, right?!?

No matter the shape of things to come, rest easy knowing that Lifting Fog will always be there with an arched eyebrow and hands firmly on hips, offering color commentary that you hardly need but of course, can’t live without. Bemused, befuddled… but never bedraggled. We got this.

8) Chuck returned to NBC!

200px-chucktvChuck is the best show on television. There, I said it. While I may fawn at length over “superior” shows like LOST, 30 Rock, and The Office, none of them can match the spy dramedy for consistency of entertainment or sheer likability. For those unfamiliar, some quick bullet points:

  • Chuck follows Geek Squad Nerd Herd computer technician Chuck Bartowski (Zach Levi), recently the unwitting recipient of every U.S. Government secret ever, as he attempts to a) stay alive and b) maintain a somewhat normal life. Secrets!
  • Protecting him are CIA agent Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strahovski) and NSA agent John Casey (Adam Baldwin), both of whom must attempt to reconcile their occupational responsibilities and personal feelings. Sarah loves Chuck. And vice versa. But they can’t be together. Drama!
  • Created by Josh Schwartz (The O.C., Gossip Girl), Chuck makes similarly strong use of new music. You’ll want to look up the playlist after each episode. Indie rock!

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Trendsetter Gambling

July 28, 2008

I’m not really cool in a traditional sense, like the Fonz. And even Seth Cohen would probably beat me up if I claimed non-traditional, ironic coolness. I just can’t pull it off. The closest I’ve come to either, anyway, was one time in 7th grade when I received a botched haircut that made me look like a retarded Beatle. So yeah – coolness has always been largely out of reach for yours truly. That doesn’t mean I’ve ever given up…

Black Kids, a band I shouldn’t like but, well, do, recently released their first LP Partie Traumatic and have their single I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You featured on the American Teen (more on this one soon) soundtrack. Rolling Stone declared them last November a “band to watch” in 2008. I would agree. “Wow,” you say to your friend or co-worker, “another endorsement for some obscure band that will more than likely stay obscure. Why did you send me to this kid’s blog again?” Then you click on Perez Hilton to restore your faith in the blogging community. It’s true – I have nothing new to offer here in the way of music promotion. If you’ve read all 13 (!) posts on this site or know anything about me, you’ve already figured out that my cultural receptors very rarely pull in anything that isn’t film or television related. Black Kids have already received their share of viral recommendations, anyway. Another from me is just white noise. (more…)

What’s Old Is New Again

May 13, 2008

So I’ve already hit a blogging wall. To buy myself some time, I offer this post I wrote on April 23rd, 2006:

So I’ve arrived at the home stretch. In three days 20 hours, and 50 minutes, I will no longer be a teenager. I expect this means:

a) no more acne

b) no more awkwardness

c) no more Blink-182

A and C I know will come true (really, I’m required by law to cease any and all music by Blink-182 and to a lesser extent, Good Charlotte and Dashboard Confessional… sigh), but B–I think I may be stuck with that for a while. It’s genetic. And it doesn’t go away. Most people, though, are confused as to just what the condition truly is. Awkwardness, despite what tells us in its manifold groups and “About Me” sections, does not mean frequent tripping. Nor does it mean chronic farting, speaking loudly, or saying “OMFG inappropriate things”. It doesn’t even mean spilling a cup of coffee on yourself at Starbuck’s. What it does mean (in list form, natch) is the following:

a) changing your walking route to avoid saying hello to that person whose name you just can’t remember

b) greeting someone with a handshake when they go in for a hug; greeting someone with an unadorned hug when they want a kiss on the cheek (more…)