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Geeks, Nerds, and Henning Unite: MTV Seeks Fan Boy/Girl For True Life

November 10, 2008

It seems the wet dream of Lifting Fog’s Editor-in-Chief has finally come to fruition. MTV set up this website to provide every comic book geek with a chance to be a (MTV reality show) celebrity.  One of MTV’s least offensive reality offerings, True Life, is seeking its next cast member: a self-proclaimed fan boy or girl to pal around with their camera crew for the weekend of February 6-8th, 2009. What’s going on the weekend of the 6th in New York City? Why, it’s only Comic Con 2009, sure to whet the appetite of even the most casual reader of Ain’t It Cool News. From the basements of the suburbs, I hear “Finally I can be somebody, Mom!” For more info, and even more True Life casting calls, go here. Maybe you can fit yourself into any number of possible roles for MTV to exploit!