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‘Milk’: a Powerful and Bittersweet Reminder of How Things May Not Have Changed

January 15, 2009

MilkFast becoming a Tuesday night ritual (previously held by the consistently satisfying 2-for-1 pizza deal at the local pizza shop), I took some time to head to the movie theater to watch one of the major Oscar contenders this season. Last night’s Milk is unquestionably a major contender this season for many reasons. While I’ll try not to say everything that’s already been said (and also try not to turn my part in this blog into solely that of a movie critic), I can’t help but echo a good deal of the praise that has been thrown its way.

The most obvious and apparent strength of the film is the inspired performances by the half fresh-faced, half-seasoned, and half-stoner movie legend cast. Yes, that’s three halves; I’m an artist, not a god dang mathematician. The (kind-of) ensemble cast rose to the level of Penn’s performance. A movie like this often suffers when a supporting cast doesn’t do this with such a powerful character and powerful actor portraying him/her. The sheer audacity of James Franco’s role in this film given his history of typically light fare is enough to warrant a firm, heterosexual pat on the back. I just remembered that Josh Brolin was in the film. Let me reiterate that: I just remembered that JOSH BROLIN was in the film. How’s that for a stacked acting roster? (more…)