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BDA: Santa Fe and the Southwest (10/11-13/10)

April 18, 2012

This and the Grand Canyon. We’re so effing close.

You may have heard that vicious drug cartels roam the wilds of New Mexico and that immigration unrest is tearing the south of Arizona apart. While I don’t have the stories to confirm either of those things, I can tell you that the American Southwest has some of the most expansive views in the country. It’s not like wide-open spaces don’t exist in other parts of the country. They just somehow feel more epic out west, like the world has expanded tenfold at the same time the distance between you and your Maker has been drastically condensed. You could reach out and touch Him, which is a very real possibility if you don’t keep your eyes on the road!

Although by this point in the trip I’d more than worn out my Boss-heavy “Americana” playlist, it took on new relevance as I drove through New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada. Ghost towns? Endless highways?That moment when the dark creeps in and you’re driving down some weirdo side road for 50 miles with depleted gas reserves and the possibility that you might not make it and those lights trailing you suddenly go out? That last part isn’t so much Bruce, but still — America, man. It’s out there!

You’re reminded, too, just how isolated many of the region’s cities and communities are. We complain in Los Angeles about the time it takes to get from Santa Monica to Downtown. SMALL POTATOES when about 100 miles separate one Southwestern pit stop from the next. They’re practically frontier outposts — places to hitch your stallion for the night and trade whatever animals you managed to trap/kill along the way. I’ll start apologizing for these cowboy references when I stop feeling them so deeply in my soul.

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BDA: The Hostel Life of Barfoed and Dancing Bear (10/11-12/10)

February 8, 2011

North Korea WikiLeaks Ricky Gervais Egypt It’s been a while! Certainly beyond time to start honoring stray New Years resolutions. Did you know that “Restore Lifting Fog to its former glory” has been featured on my list (of course there’s a list) a record three consecutive times?

Just over four months ago I drove an orange handbag on wheels 4000+ miles from Southern New Jersey to Los Angeles, CA. After touching down, I began to recount my adventures: the urban, the automotive, the follicular…then I stopped, as is Lifting Fog’s wont. (What, you’ve got a problem or someth-) Left unexplored in that blogging vacation? A vast array of stories as big as the American territory and/or spirit (whichever is bigger, Pulitzer committee) that, whether you want to read them or not, are about to be revived. For me, for you, for all of us, let’s tesseract back to October and do America ONE MORE TIME.

Like a cake-eater, I spent my first non-friend-aided night of the trip in a hotel. Or a Best Western to be precise, but still — personal shower, complimentary breakfast, and a wall safe. Very not rock ‘n roll (in Nashville, of all places) and sort of defeating the point of the trip, too, which in many ways was about making myself uncomfortable. Not “take this unmarked substance!” uncomfortable, but a conscious effort to try new things. If I could go six long days without watching television (…interpretations of “uncomfortableness” vary), then I could also spend my next solitary night in a place that didn’t have a parking attendant. Or hell, heat.

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