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Without Hyperbole, ‘Red Dead Redemption’ May Be the Best Video Game Ever

March 23, 2011

We don’t usually…DO video game reviews, or analysis, or “reflections” (no one should do reflections as a general rule, but-) on this site, as 1) neither DJ Steve nor myself actually plays that often anymore and 2) who gives a shit, but something happened last night. I finished one of 2010’s most popular games, ‘Red Dead Redemption’…and I was deeply moved. It made me feel something…emotionally. And rather than bury that feeling with UFC fighting or expensive liquor that I buy with my emergency AmEx, I figured I would buck Lifting Fog tradition — buck my own standards of “journalism” — and share all that emotion with you. Anyone not interested in reading please BEAR WITH, we’ll be back to not writing tomorrow.

WARNING #1: What follows was originally an e-mail to a friend, which of course excuses any lack of clarity. Thanks!

Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 are like a super-nice girl you date for a while. She’s funny, and pretty, and you get along great…then one morning you wake up and realize you’re just sort of treading water, that she doesn’t challenge you so much (although every once in a while she makes you perform these incredibly difficult jumps and leaps), and whatever spark ignited the relationship — you went to elementary and middle school with her — isn’t there, or at least has changed. You part amicably, because how else could you end things? She’s still great. You might even see her again.

Later that night your more unhinged friends have dragged you to a dogfight behind the Norm’s on Sepulveda, and there’s this…woman. Tattoos. Slightly mussed hair. She looks dangerous. Maybe she’s killed someone? Didn’t go to college? That’s hot. You get to talking, and it turns out she’s NOT illiterate but in fact one of the more fiercely intelligent people you’ve ever spoken to. Filled with natural insight in a way your Ivory Tower education can’t replicate synthetically. Born in England, so she’s got sort of an outsider’s perspective, and…

The mystery lady’s identity revealed…..after the jump!

They Don’t Make Rockstars Like They Used To

November 18, 2008
They served as the voice for many 

They served as the voice for many

Here we find ourselves in the third week of November, 2008, and another rock great has just passed away. As opposed to the obligatory obituary post in honor of Mitch Mitchell, I decided to tackle my old adage of “What’s older is always better” from a different angle. Last night, while viewing an utterly amazing documentary centered around John Lennon (it’s called John Lennon: Imagine) on MTV’s new HD channel, Palladia, it finally hit me. They don’t make rockstars like they used to.

While observing Lennon battle with reporters during his legendary stand against the Vietnam War in late 1969 in New York City with Yoko by his side, it occurred to me that there hasn’t been anyone quite like John Lennon to walk the earth since. No duh, right? But the more I thought about it and the more I thought about the way the media has handled things that are considered milestones for my generation, the more I thought about how the media has failed me (us). In a tizzy, my mind began racing. The question I struggled with was this: do people like John Lennon still exist (and the media fails to give them proper attention)? Or is there no one willing to stand up for what they believe in and force the media to listen by the slight of their own celebrity status?