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Lifting Fog Fun Facts

March 29, 2012

The farewell tour continues!

One thing a blog does on its journey from birth to death is accumulate a buttload of pointless statistics, and on all kinds of stuff: daily hits, tags, post frequency. Most of the time these serve only to make you feel bad about how few people read your writing (and the weird extent to which you’ve written about furries). But as a “closing shop” exercise…it’s actually kind of interesting to look back on four years through the lens of facts and figures. Unlike DJ Steve and I in all our posts, ever, THEY DON’T LIE. Reading them, you begin to get a true sense of what you did and the kinds of patterns you fell into. Like:

1. Despite me being the Ivy banner-waving douchebag of the duo, it’s actually DJ Steve who bleeds Columbia Blue — he’s written two more posts on the CU-born group Vampire Weekend than I ever will.

2. Lifting Fog has cultivated and nurtured more than its share of enmity over the years, including rivalries with Will Edmondson, Tim Goessling and his ‘This LA Life,’ and Jeopardy! contestant/actual accomplished writer Daniel D’Addario. Not to mention ongoing bad blood with nostalgia freaks (especially human Quidditch players), and the actual Bloods. What fun is peace?

UPDATE: To all of you…we really do apologize. (Except the Quidditch kids. Never.)

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BDA: Limbo, Limbo, Limbo

November 22, 2011

If we accept the fact that personal blogs are, at their core, self-serving beacons of ridiculous narcissism untethered to anything resembling reality, then this return to the Barfoed Does America well needs no apology or explanation. We’re good!

“Beards,” “Sunsets,” and “Chicago” are all nouns around which previous entries in the Barfoed Does America series have revolved. Today we add one more: “Limbo.” Not the party game, fascinating a 500-word exploration that might be, but the state of being. Limbo isn’t uncomfortable; it’s not anything, really, except maybe the absence of defining edges. It’s the middle, Purgatory, that sensation you get when you’ve been living out of your car for two weeks and feel more at home driving a stretch of unfamiliar highway than you do at any of the places you’ll sleep, including the room you left way back when (…two weeks ago). Limbo is perfect room temperature and feels like it has been and will continue to be this way forever.

(From there I suppose you could say Limbo is like a “goldfish’s memory,” but that level of metaphorical inception is practically unconscionable. Let’s not say EVERYTHING we’re thinking.)

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Goodbye, Summer

August 31, 2009

Well, we’ve come to very nearly the end — Summer 2009 (light beer advertising style dictates that you capitalize this) is almost over, and we reflect on a season filled with both sun (happy moments; sun) and storms (death; storms). Fun fact: Summer is second only to spring in the “seasonal weather-related metaphors” department!

sunset_wallpaper_brazil-1600x1200So a lot of famous people — some pretty important — died these past few months. Did you hear about this? Those of us still living continued to fight the effects of this pesky recession, taking “me-kends” and “stay-cations” instead of real trips to real places, which is a luxury we can no longer afford. “Get a job,” your father told you. You’re only twelve! Movie studios were still cool with stealing people’s cash, shitting out everything from Transformers to Paper Heart (not all that dissimilar!) and laughing while we Twittered tweeted how much we hated them, because they already had our money. They’ll be laughing again when we buy the collector’s edition DVD in November. We might buy the Blu-Ray version, too, because even though we don’t own a player yet it’s good to be prepared for when the prices come down. That’s just being prudent.

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