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Red, Green, Blue, and Silver

December 8, 2008

The holiday season is finally, forcefully upon us and so as to not piss anyone off demonstrate our commitment to multi-faith fun, Lifting Fog is going all Chrismukkah on your ass! We spent all Sunday afternoon nosing around the attic for decorations. After stumbling on Dad’s old Playboys and a duffel full of acid-washed jeans, we finally found the family menorah (our mother’s side) and plastic Christmas wreath (our father’s). I think they add a lot of cheer to the banner, don’t you? And not to be outdone by your coffee cup, we’ve dressed the whole site in Starbucks red. (Red)iculous! Check your RSS feeds for more Lifting Fog holiday action as we close in on the end of December. We’ve got plenty of- No way.

… Is that snow?

This is going to be the best Chrismukkah ever!


Glad Tidings #1: Hanukkah’s colors are blue and silver, not blue and gold. Oy gevalt.

Glad Tidings #2: We thought we’d kick off the gift-giving a little early by adding two new links to our sidebar favorites. The first you’ve definitely heard of – everyone’s favorite compendium of cracker culture, Stuff White People Like. Despite lots of press and a recently published book, SWPL is still hilariously dead-on. We DO love peacoats! The next site is a recent obsession of Henning’s, Videogum. Offering commentary on everything from the latest eyebrow-raising Gossip Girl episode to the Juno backlash, it’s like a much tighter version of Lifting Fog. I mean keep reading us.