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I’m Voting ‘Yes!’ On Prop 141: Listening to Explosions in the Sky Should Be Mandatory For All Citizens

October 24, 2008
Listening to Explosions in the Sky will change your lifeListening to Explosions in the Sky will change your life

As the busy days of the election rapidly approach, it’s important to remember the issues. I’m not referring to Sarah Palin’s alleged clothing budget (seriously Democrats, let it go – no amount of blogging and SNL joke-writing will force it into the public consciousness). I want to bring attention to a much overlooked proposition that pertains to the well being of all U.S. citizens. Proposition 141 states that it should be mandatory that all citizens listen to the band Explosions in the Sky, everyday. You might be scratching your head, thinking, “Hey, I read plenty of neo-conservative political blogs and I’ve never even heard of Prop 141.” I can’t blame you as it’s something I’ve just drafted tonight. Lifting Fog is progressive! Read more!