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Several Glaring Issues Still Facing the iPhone

December 2, 2008
Quite telling, no?

Quite telling, no?

As if the web’s current capacity wasn’t already filled to the brim with metadata surrounding Apple products and their praises (people in the know) and jeers (people who just rebooted Vista… again), I plan to pack a little more cranberry sauce in before the whole thing explodes or goes to bed early in a food coma. Reader’s note: this should not be considered brave new content, indeed a quick browse of Yahoo! Answers will demonstrate the fact that even your little sister has realized even the most technical of the iPhone’s shortcomings. But more and more I’ve been noticing little things that make me yearn for the next technological breakthrough to come and dominate my pick-up lines and web browsing patterns. We’ll keep this short, as no one ever reads to the end of these anyways. Apple, consider yourself warned.