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Gag Me

August 26, 2008

I’m making a promise right now that my next post will not judge, criticize, or malign any of my fellow human beings. Maybe I’ll write about unicorns or Tom Hanks or something else impossible not to like. Or link to LOLCats. I’m pushing for positivity, I swear.

But that’s tomorrow. When you’re slapped in the face with something so pretentious, so mired in self-importance, it’s imperative that a retaliatory strike be made immediately and with utmost prejudice. I shouldn’t be reading the Columbia Spectator anymore, I know. It’s masochistic. But like a roadside wreck, sometimes you just can’t look away. Want to see the fiery mess? Read “A Film Buff’s Guide To The 1 Train,” specifically those sections written by Dan D’Addario, then join me in a therapeutic retch-fest. Onward!