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2009 Can’t Come Soon Enough

November 20, 2008

With Watchmen and the fifth season of LOST (three-hour premiere airs Jan. 21st!) double-teaming the geek lobe of my brain, it’s all I can do to finish out this year with any sense of propriety. Posters like the one below (courtesy of Ain’t It Cool News) just make the task that much more difficult.


What was good about 2008, anyway? While it would be nice for LOST advertising to move beyond its lingering blue period, I’m still totally jazzed by the design. The Oceanic Six… castaways still stuck on the island… society… wilderness… order… chaos. Dichotomy! Only LOST affords me the chance to write navel-gazing bullshit while simultaneously name-dropping philosophers in a way that’s only sort of douchey. God, I love this show. See you soon, Kate…

Things That Happened In The Last Five Weeks, Part 5

November 9, 2008

5) I Became More And More Convinced That Watchmen Might Actually Be Good

Over the summer I shared with you my concerns for the upcoming Watchmen adaptation. How Zach Snyder doesn’t inspire much confidence. How the book is practically holy scripture for legions of bearded, caped fans and to translate would be blasphemous. How after following the film’s production and watching its trailer I… am not so worried anymore. Really. At least on an artistic level, it looks as though they’ve done everything right. The latest round of posters (included below) does nothing to dissuade that notion.


Exhibit B after the jump!