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Polar Bear Tuesday!

February 10, 2009


“That’s right – every Tuesday from now on will be POLAR BEAR TUESDAY, a time to honor and celebrate these majestic Arctic mammals in aggressively adorable photos and video. At play! At rest! At your computer! Each week we’ll highlight the latest polar bear media culled from our vast network of polar bear researchers and church groups. Get to know one of the animal kingdom’s most wondrous creatures, all from the comfort of your living room! You can throw away your Precious Moments figurines, Aunt Deidre – super-cute has a new name, and it’s Lifting Fog.”

… How much would you love this?

All polar bear joking aside, I’d really like to establish one or two days a week as “such and such” days – times when we regularly revisit one particular subject or theme. Call it laziness. Call it progress. Whatever the view, I think it would serve two purposes: 1) forcing me to a pseudo-schedule and 2) giving you something to regularly look forward to. We all know there is nothing to look forward to now.

Except more of this, after the jump!