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2010 Vancouver Olympics: Not Boring! (Part Four)

February 25, 2010

8) Evgeni Plushenko Knows The Truth

I don’t know much about Figure Skating. If judging were up to me, athletes would all be graded on song selection (the girl who skated to the Pirates of the Caribbean theme last night would have won) and number of smiles. It is really a good thing I am not a judge! Still, I’m tuned in enough to generally understand what’s going on. I can see the moves. I get that there’s a yin and yang balance between grace and innovation; can spot the difference between a skater executing his program with consistency and one looking to “raise the game.” I know an American from a Russian program. On the ice, I can tell Evan Lysacek and Evgeni Plushenko apart.

But off the ice is so much easier, because one of them is dark-haired and modest and the other one is TOTALLY CRAZY.

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