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Haiku Review: ‘Inside Out’

June 26, 2015

THREE YEARS separate this from our last movie review, but rustiness and/or writing validity aside, Pixar’s latest demanded a return to the keyboard. Grab your “All of the Feels” haz mat suits and join us on this overwrought psycho-critical journey!

NEMye3g3VuXNQM_1_1Aimed at children, sure
But adults with movie blogs
Are still children too

Wall-E is the best movie Pixar has ever made, and this is an unequivocal fact. Robots in love dancing through space on vapor trails, expressing this beautiful feeling neither of them really understand (they’re robots) but know their lives would now be empty without? FUCK, BRO, THAT’S THE STUFF.

…Of course for you, “best Pixar movie, unequivocally” might mean the brotherhood of toys embracing each other as they literally stare down death of Toy Story 3. Or the ocean-spanning search for a nervous father’s only son of Finding Nemo. Hell, it could even be Brave, if you’re being deliberately contrarian about it! Everyone has their favorite Pixar movie, and everyone has that movie in their head, consciously or not, when they sit down to watch the studio’s latest.

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“Up” Tackles Issues of Life, Death, and Fufillment With Animated Majesty

June 2, 2009

The definition of majesty (according to my Mac dictionary) is this: 1. impressive stateliness, dignity, or beauty. Without knowing the specific definition of the word, my use of “majesty” to describe Pixar’s latest installment Up couldn’t have been a better choice (besides scrumtrulescent). My enjoyment of the film should be fairly self-evident, but what may not be is the lengths to which Up displayed supreme artistry and storytelling throughout. Helmed by first time director, but former Pixar writer, Pete Docter, Up may not serve as a typical example of Pixar’s silver screen magic formula. Going into the movie, I had little knowledge of the story and its characters beyond the few scenes I had seen in the trailers/teasers. Walking out of the movie, I was surprised to discover how little actually transpired over the hour and a half adventure epic. However, so much occurred on an emotional level, that it’s hard to say that it wasn’t as big of an adventure as Finding Nemo or Wall-e.

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