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Fret Not, Republicans: Palin Has Acting Career After Campaign

November 5, 2008

Is she destined to be a TV star?


Is she destined to be a TV star?

In the coming weeks, many will shed tears. For many, a black man running the nation is a dream realized; unfortunately for others, it will be perceived as a nightmare. Either way, we should take a moment and give thanks (heck, Turkey Day is just around the corner!) that the world met Sarah Louise Heath Palin (I call her SLHP in txts). As previously blogged, the current state of Saturday Night Live appears to be one of disarray. Not unlike the current state of the economy, it seems almost unfixable. But then the bailout bill came: Tina Fey as Sarah Palin. Let’s be honest, she’s a dead-ringer for the huntress Governor from the North, but maybe SNL should take the next step and go from artificial intelligence to REAL intelligence. Live from New York, its Saturday Night Palin! But wait, there’s more post here!

Pre-Week Brain Dump (Part 1 of 2)

September 15, 2008

DJ Steve’s been putting me to shame these last few days with lengthy, thoughtful posts on Kanye West’s celebrity and Saturday Night Live’s mediocrity. Both great. I’ve been surfing, eating, and acting inappropriately around college students. I also embedded a Super Mario World YouTube video! Lame. But that was last week – a brand new one is upon us, and with it a golden Phelpsian opportunity to redeem myself in your eyes. Like the Fightin’ Phils, I’m all about comebacks. Before I set to work on my next failed New Yorker article, though, I’ve got to clear my head of everything that’s taken up residence these past few days. Brewfest. Palin. Fringe. Matthew McConaughey. Nothing coherent enough to warrant an individual post, but each part of that perfect fall potpourri blend. You know the drill. Onward?

Who Wants Mooseburgers?

September 8, 2008
Miss Wasilla '84

Miss Wasilla 1984

Ever since I was elected secretary of my high school class in the fall of 2002 (Don’t Stop Believin’!!), I’ve been big into politics. The campaigning. The debating. The voting. The hugging. All that shit. What I find most fascinating about the election process, though, is the way one’s allegiances can sway from moment to moment, motivated by powerful speeches or newfound information. I loved Barack Obama… until I found out he was a terrorist. And Joe Biden wants to take Amtrak to Iraq (Amtraq)? Forget those guys.

These days my heart belongs to an Alaskan hockey mom named Sarah Palin. Heard of her? Since bursting onto the political scene following the Democratic National Convention, McCain’s VP pick has been a tornado of electoral energy. Calling out Obama for his dumb community organizing. Dousing the fire of her daughter’s Juno-ish (or “Juneau-ish” LOL) pregnancy scandal. Picking out salsa in New Mexico. She’s an amazing, hot, awesome politician. It’s no wonder she’s one of the most searched women on the Internet. When McCain croaks in office, she’ll be our first female commander-in-chief. But do we really know her?

DO we? Keep reading!