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Google Tackles The Tough Questions

March 26, 2009

ebveryone knows Google. Like, everyone. Besides a terrible economic crisis and the Olympics, it’s the one banner behind which the entire world can unite. Who on this planet hasn’t Googled himself? Who hasn’t had a question about dog care or smell identification that needed a swift response? “No one” is the answer to THAT question, and a Google search would probably confirm as much. We are one world under GOOGLE. Amen.

Of course, we use the service to research some profoundly unusual things. Monkey drug dealers. Directions to the moon. Tree pornography. Under the invisibility cloak we call the Internet, we’re free to be as odd and curious as we want. (And we are one odd and curious world.) Thankfully Google is right there with us. Type in “is that a” for instance – just three words – and you’re given the following:

It's definitely a Sears poncho.

It's definitely a Sears poncho.

And that’s only the BEGINNING.

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