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Finding the Funny When You’re Drowning in Melodrama

October 28, 2011

DISCLAIMER: Whether the following is amusing and/or useful is entirely up for debate.

The ability to express oneself, I think most of us can agree, is all too dependent on mood. Especially if you’re aiming for a specific tone. Those whose wheelhouse is death and human misery might stumble in the light of a happy personal life; anyone all about bemused agreeability is going to suffer when they’re feeling anything but. Jolly sadists! Sad clowns! The world is obviously a coldly ironic place.

Not to mention a terrifying one.

But what’s a student of the written word to do when they’re not properly outfitted for the task at hand, WAIT IT OUT? NO! It’s when you’re at your least comfortable, your most angsty, that it’s more important than ever to convert those icky Zach Braff emotions into positive creative fuel. Remember the scene from ‘Waterworld’ where Kevin Costner waters his plant with filtered pee-water? That’s what we’re going to learn how to do today, and it will probably make just as little sense. SO:

Started/continued after the jump!

Punxsutawney Phil Does Nothing to Allay Recession Woes

February 2, 2009

The bad news (as always, preceded by some unoffensive good news) 20 seconds from the end:

So against a backdrop of ongoing economic crisis and the harsh realization that yes, Slumdog Millionaire will win Best Picture, we also have to contend with six more weeks of winter. Thanks, Phil! Today’s 52 degree heat in New York (Editor’s note: DJ Steve, shut up about California) does raise questions about the groundhog’s weather forecasting abilities, but if’s FAQs are to be taken seriously, the impact of Phil’s prognostication will be felt soon enough.

“You want a prediction about the weather, you’re asking the wrong Phil. I’ll give you a winter prediction: It’s gonna be cold, it’s gonna be grey, and it’s gonna last you for the rest of your life. ” – Phil Connors, Groundhog Day


Oh, Hi! So…

January 12, 2009


My bad.

To explain my month-long vacation from Lifting Fog (shorter than the last one by two weeks!) would mean painful recollections of Russian Roulette tournaments, extraterrestrial probing, and drug addiction, so I figured I’d spare the grisly deets and just say I’M BACK and I’M SORRY and CAN YOU EVER FORGIVE ME. A question mark seems unnecessary because I know you will.

Not that I deserve it. According to the ever-reputable Wikipedia, blogs are typically updated “on a consistent basis” and with an eye toward “charting current events, whether public or personal or both.” I could argue semantics all day long with the world’s favorite collaborative encyclopedia (… or just re-write the article) but in the spirit of the New Year, I’ll instead own up to subpar results. I failed my blog test. DJ Steve gets a check plus.

You’ll earn a ‘plus plus’ if you keep reading!

Facelifting Fog

September 14, 2008

Hold up. If you’re looking at your screen right now wondering “who took a dump on my favorite blog EVR?”, well, don’t – Lifting Fog is just undergoing a bit of cosmetic surgery. Fresh off a WordPress “Upgrade” frenzy, we’ll be under the knife for the next few days as I attempt (armed with vast stores of COMS W1004 – Introduction to Computer Programming in Java knowledge) to beautify the site. Quaint worked for us, sure, but couple an expanding readership with a pair of swollen egos and it was only a matter of time before we kicked this shit into hyper-drive. Punch it, Chewie! Expect new colors and graphics – hell, maybe interactive flash animations! – to supplement what was already at least the second-best Fog/Page-related web experience available. Visibility is improving.

UPDATE #1: Photoshop Maestro DJ Steve has designed a truly kick-ass banner for the site. Part Lion King poster, part church pamphlet, the new graphic certainly grabs the eye more than the previous placeholder and, I think, really captures the essence of Lifting Fog: over-the-top melodrama.

UPDATE #2: Lifting Fog is operating in a post-Labor Day world, so we thought it would be best to doff our white robes and slip into something more seasonally appropriate. “Dusklight gray” (Editor’s note: this is not a real color) seems to suit us.

Any suggestions? Ways we could organize the site better? Drop us a line in the comments section below!

Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself, My Name is H-

August 12, 2008

-enning. Barfoed Fog. You might remember me. I used to post things to this blog. A lot of it was about movies, television, or time-wasting Internet videos. Some of it chronicled my various misadventures. All of it was written with an eye toward humor, my tongue firmly in cheek. It can be difficult, then, to keep up that kind of consistent tone when you sometimes don’t feel that funny or happy.

“A man goes to the doctor. Says he’s depressed. He says life seems harsh and cruel. Says he feels all alone in a threatening world where what lies ahead is vague and uncertain. The doctor says ‘the treatment is simple. The great clown Pagliacci is in town tonight. Go and see him, that should pick you up.’ The man bursts into tears. He says ‘but doctor… I am Pagliacci.'” – Watchmen

Not that I’m a) all that funny or b) all that depressed, just that from time to time I really don’t feel like myself. Or I just plain don’t like myself. I lose confidence, retreat to my room like Brian Wilson, and wind up playing Wii for what some might describe as “unhealthy amounts of time” (luckily binge-eating has yet to work its way onto the docket). When this happens, I tend to keep the experience to myself; remain in isolation until the skies have cleared. With no blog posts since last Wednesday, it will come as no surprise that this past week saw one of these self-esteem storms.

I’m realizing now, as I pick myself up, that while there’s nothing wrong with feeling blue every once in a while, it’s patently stupid to not seek out your friends when that feeling comes around. Friends are there to listen, to comfort, to remind you that life is good (it is). There is always someone there ready to help if you only seek them out. Sharing is caring. And so it goes.

Third Time’s a Charm…

May 13, 2008

1082394457_1059So far as I know, this is the third attempt at blogging I have made in as many years. There was my self-published Columbia mess, one made on Blogger, and finally – worst of all, I’d wager – a little ditty put together on Apple’s iWeb software. Shudder. I’ve been given more chances at personal expression than any young adult has a right to.

But I am trying again, and this time I swear you’ll see some effort. What’s holding me to my promise? Delusions of grandeur, of course. This blog ( is part of a two-pronged effort to get myself heard, to raise my voice to a volume at which hopefully someone will listen. Prong one – this blog – is the source for late-breaking Henning rants and raves. News, too, if anything actually happens to me. Prong two is a website that looks wonderful in my mind; a Twinkie bursting with creative creme. Or at least just good YouTube links. Do I have anything to say worth your time? I’d like to think so, but that’s ultimately for you to judge. All I can do is synthesize words, sentences, and paragraphs and hope they’re at least a little entertaining*.

Over time I hope to figure out some sort of angle for this blog, some unique quality that makes Lifting Fog stand out amidst the millions of other competitors. I doubt that’s coming anytime soon, though – like me, this whole thing is a work in progress.

* as my introductory post, of course, this does not need to be entertaining.