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Unnecessary TV Supplements: “Lost Book Club”

August 6, 2008

I’m presupposing a few things in writing this post:

  1. You’re a fan of ABC’s simultaneously rewarding and infuriating show “Lost”.
  2. Like me, you’re sometimes unhealthily obsessed with its mythology and abundance of literary references.
  3. You’ve got time to kill.
If you fit all three of these descriptions, then read on!

Lost was truly designed for people like me. I mean, sure – normal people watch it, too, eagerly awaiting the next Kate/Sawyer hookup or mind blowing revelation (there’s a time machine! Jack and Claire are siblings! The Dharma Initiative is SkyNet!). They can follow without risking their marriages or sanity, just happily along for the ride. But what kind of way to watch television is that? Thankfully, the show has always catered primarily to its “hardcore” demographic, fans who aren’t satisfied with a meager hour per week and need additional sustenance to keep their addiction in check. There are sly references to previous episodes, clues that might lead to greater understanding of the island. Special videos premiere at Comic-Con, designed to whet fans’ appetites for the upcoming season. For the true nerds, though, the ones for whom Dungeons and Dragons “isn’t immersive enough” and most pants are “too constricting”, there’s the “Lost Book Club”. More? Really?