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To Go Out, or To Play Guitar Hero: World Tour Until the Sun Comes Up…

November 16, 2008
This could be you!

This could be you!

That is the ultimate question, isn’t it? In case you haven’t had the $250 to spend on Guitar Hero: World Tour Full Band Kit AND another goddamn Wiimote (you need all 4 to play 4-player), you may not be aware of the dilemma that is currently plaguing 20-somethings across the nation. I know, I know, Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas just ended their tumultuous relationship, but as consumers we can’t let that get us down. Oh, the economy is in a recession? Tell me something I don’t know. Now that all your excuses have run out, it’s time to invest in a brand new video game lifestyle enhancer: enter GHWT.

The concept is nothing new; Rock Band pioneered the full band gaming experience almost a year ago, but the industry’s old stalwart Guitar Hero has entered the realm with flying colors. Literally, the colored notes fly at you and continue flying in front of your eyes even after your console of choice has been turned off (nothing some warm milk and an Ambien can’t fix!). World Tour boasts 4-player, full band action with a track list worth noting to keep you rocking all night/day/week long.

So what’s the answer to the question? Um, read on, duh.

Why Can’t Wii Be Friends

September 6, 2008

Warning: This post is intended only for those interested in videogames. Ladies, there will be more on Gossip Girl soon.

I’m tired of playing with myself. Don’t get me wrong – the solo Wii experience is great, on par with any classic Super Nintendo or N64 game-playing moment I’ve sadly filed under “childhood memories.” Whether slaying shadow beasts in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess or rounding up sissy stars in Super Mario Galaxy, swinging my Wiimote around is always satisfying. But there’s a community of gamers out there just like me; a worldwide league of devoted Nintendorks itching to make that wirelessly connected via the Internet human connection. Are you one of them? Then read on!

So It’s Not A Documentary

July 28, 2008

Being unemployed, I find that one of the easiest ways I can make myself useful is brightening the days of my work-saddled friends. With that in mind, a limber Monday morning post to kick off another work week. Take 35 seconds and fill your cubicle with dangerous levels of cuteness.

NEXT WEEK: The voices of Snorlax, Charizard, and Kadabra Jigglypuff get their turn!

Han Ninguba Fodofogu

Wicked Wii-tahded

July 21, 2008

Nintendo is looking to try its hand at music and rhythm videogames, but with established titles like Guitar Hero and Rock Band having already cornered the market, what’s the Mario family to do? It’s simple – forgo their brand of sophisticated gameplay and instead faithfully try to recreate a 4th grade concert band recital.

Will there be recorder functionality? This video (taken from last week’s E3 gaming convention in Los Angeles) is really embarrassing. I feel especially bad for the guys on trumpet.