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Ummmmmmmmm….. New WATCHMEN Trailer!

November 16, 2008

Courtesy of the LA Times, (it’s like the NY TImes, only 3 hours behind), here is the new Watchmen trailer that debuted before Quantum of Solace. Given that people are estimating a $60 million US opening for Bond, I wonder if anybody saw it? If you’re like me, you arrived late to the theater after a lot of running and you missed it. So here it is in small, web-cast quality goodness. God bless Muse for their epic songwriting. Enjoy!

UNWANTED ADDENDUM: Hi, folks! Henning here with a quick supplemental recommendation for the Watchmen initiated. About a month ago Titan Books released its long awaited Watching the Watchmen, a companion book to the original graphic novel. With previously unreleased art, character sketches, notes and more, this is THE gift to get that special cape-wearing someone this holiday season. Worried about dropping Gouda in this economy? At $40, it’s a steal. Coffee table approved!