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Haiku Review: ‘Inglourious Basterds’

April 3, 2011

I promised myself that I’d one day get around to reviewing this movie (for whose benefit I DON’T KNOW) and now, nearly two years worth of days later, that time has come. My parents could have had no idea how much I’d take the term “late bloomer” to heart.

Mature filmmaking
In just 9-10 perfect scenes.
(With room for scalping!)

Way back in 2009 I said, when it might have been a timely claim, that Up was the best movie of the summer. This was before I caught Inglourious Basterds, which turned out in fact to be the best movie…wait for it…of the YEAR. I’d by lying to say that I was eagerly awaiting this one’s release. Based on the trailer — which heavily emphasizes the QUENTIN TARANTINO-NESS of it all — and also the simple fact that this was a revenge movie about scalping Nazis, I thought it might be at most fun, and at worst Kill Bill with swastikas. Suffice it to say Basterds turned out to be a wildly different movie than the one I (and probably a lot of people) was expecting, and definitely for the better. In place of what most of us assumed would be a patchwork homage to old war movies and spaghetti westerns was instead a deeply original, thoughtful film. One that, while still embracing QT’s beloved hyper-violence, transcends its premise — and maybe its promise — to become a genuine classic.

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Haiku Review: ‘The Reader’

March 24, 2009

With all the hours of community service I’ve been putting in, dedicated blogging time has been sparse. Affected most, it seems, has been my continually delayed review of The Reader. Most of you won’t even remember this movie existed, but I assure you it did. The pain it caused was very real.

The ReaderNazis, evil and…
She can’t read? Really? That’s it?
Best rom-com ever.

It’s a long running and mostly lame joke of Hollywood that all it takes for your movie to rack up Oscar nominations is some combination of the Holocaust, slavery, or mental retardation. (Preferably all three if you’re really shooting for the stars.) What’s disappointing is when that joke is actually proven true; the latest proof Stephen Daldry’s The Reader, which garnered five nominations at the 81st Academy Awards. On paper – where it started as a 1995 novel – the story’s interesting enough: a young man falls into a sexual/literary (hot!) relationship with a mysterious woman, discovering years later that she was a Nazi and attempting to come to terms with the revelation. Translated into film? Umm…

In short: This movie sucks. Don’t see it. But read our review!