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There Won’t Be Blood

July 20, 2008

blood-dropOnly I could manage to turn an intended act of generosity completely on its head. Last Monday I went into Columbia’s Roone Arledge Auditorium expecting to give blood; I left with all the appropriate markings (a week later my arm still hosts 7-8 clearly visible stab wounds) and sense of loss, but my plasma tank still nearly full. Maybe it was the technicians they had working. Maybe I do in fact have “deep veins” that require shovel-like motions to find. Either way, I felt bad drinking their juice boxes afterwards.

Given a successful blood-letting in the fall, I wasn’t expecting any sort of problem when I threw myself onto one of their makeshift medical chairs and started squeezing. Ouch. The needle entered my right arm; I chuckled to show the nurse how tough I was. Soon enough they were able to determine that no blood was, in fact, leaving my arm, and my technician decided a second attempt was in order. Fuck. Needle out. God dammit. Needle in, millimeters from the first spot. Still no red stuff flowing, but the woman watching me has developed a sort of vendetta against my arm and begins to use all her digital dexterity to “find that fuckin’ vein.” No such luck. (more…)