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No Cussing Club: That Dude is the F$*king S%#t

March 16, 2009

Welcome to the sickest f$%king  club in the world. It’s a pretty fun club – there’s orange t-shirts, multiculturalism, rap music made by white people, and even a retro-fitted website with a GeoCities motif (WARNING: This site not suitable for web browsers more current than Internet Explorer 1.0). The premise is simple: chill on the cussing, bro. It all started when “the most cyberbullied kid in the world,” (a title anyone would be proud of) McKay Hatch, founded the NCC (for short) when he was tired of being the only 8th grader left with a family cursing jar in his house all the foul language he was hearing around his junior high in South Pasadena, CA. Now, I’m sure, his title of “the most cyberbullied kid in the world” is starting to make a little more sense.

Makes sense to us. Keep reading!