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‘LOST’: The Mourning After

June 18, 2011

And the screen went suddenly black, right after Jerry Seinfeld woke up from his six-season dream and danced off the soundstage with Phylicia Rashad…

 Photo by ABC

It’s something like 11pm on May 23rd, 2010, and LOST is finally, officially over. The Sideways world was Purgatory. Sort of. And everyone’s Desmond-induced “awakenings” were really just a means of getting them to “cross over” to the Great Beyond. Maybe? At the very least Richard got a gray hair early in the episode — that definitely happened. (I think I’m finally starting to get the hang of this show!) I have no idea whether I like this finale or not, but know that I don’t absolutely hate it. Establishing a baseline is important for any kind of critical analysis.

…It’s now one year later, a new era, and with the emotional dust long-since settled and all the apologists having taken their specific talents to Fringe, the time feels right to really ask (free of anything to do with the goddamn lighthouse): “What the hell was it all about?”

Let’s find out TOGETHER. Read on!

In Closing, A Poem… Goodbye ‘LOST’

May 23, 2010

Have you ever been ‘LOST’?

Have you ever been a man (or woman) of faith?
Have you ever craved peanut butter so badly you could taste?
Have you ever felt… out of place?

If you could change any moment, would you choose a different path?
If you had to save a loved one, would you suffer a smoke monster’s wrath?

Could you initiate a gigantic blast, if it meant saving your friends from having to relive their pasts?
Could you face another flash, if it meant having to listen to a cocky conman’s sass?

Would you suffer through pain, in a ditch, in the rain…
Knowing you were destined to be the pawn in someone else’s game?
Returning on a raft, could you handle all the fame?
Could you lie to all the world and pretend that you were sane?

Have you ever feared ten numbers or written hundreds of names on a wall?
Have you saved a man’s life who just experienced a devastating fall?
Have you escaped from a collapsed cave by struggling through a crawl?
Have you ever felt betrayed, seeing an old friend run to snag a football?

Would you turn another key…. to save one, instead of many?
Would you push the button? Jump down a well? Torture someone just to see…
A phone ringing, a freighter, a call on Christmas Eve

Could you kill your husband, when looking down the sights?
The father of your child, left to only whisper in the night
If you had to make a choice between what was wrong and what was right,
could you stab your mother in the back in search of a golden light?

Have you ever been left facing the barrel of a gun?
Have you ever gotten free but watched on as someone takes your son?
Have you ever desired answers but had to settle for just one?
Have you ever committed arson and spent your entire life on the run?

Could you promise to save a man, you hate with all your being?
If a cripple began to walk, would seeing become believing?
If you were shot in the back as a child, would you still be left breathing?
If you knew you’d never come back would you still plan on leaving?

Have you drank a bottle of McCutcheon and told your life story while you were sauced?
Have you ever stepped over a line of ash that’s never been crossed?
Have you died? Have you been reborn? Have you lost the ability to walk?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then you know what’s its like… to have been LOST

Click here to download a PDF version!

Things That Have Been Occupying My Time

May 13, 2010

In all the time I spent NOT blogging, you’d think I had conquered Mount Everest, slain Smog, built the Great Wall of America, or learned something. Unfortunately none of these things is true. In the time since I last posted (I won’t bother actually looking at the date; I’ll just assume it was some time short of a year but more than a week), I haven’t done all that much. But there are a few things that seem worth mentioning, in case you’ve been turning to this site as a means to achieve ultimate hipster status or perhaps learn the meaning of life. QUICK TIP: achieving ultimate hipster status is the same thing as discovering the meaning of life. Check out this link, BTW, for more detailed answers.

I bought a Buddha Machine. Ever heard of it? Didn’t think so. To many people, the thought of owning a Buddha Machine will seem completely pointless. If the idea of paying $25 for a lo-fi, self-contained, ambient music looping piece of plastic isn’t appealing to you? Then you need not apply. Let me take that sentiment a step further: if you’re not into that kind of thing, I’m not into YOU. Please remove me from your vacuous, self-righteously maintained Facebook friends list. The Buddha Machine is a brilliant device, created by two Chinese ambient music producers. The concept is simple: buy the device, listen to the audio coming out of it, switch between nine separate loops ranging in length, [insert heady way to pass the time], fall asleep. I really love the little guy. I picked it up from Amoeba and got to feel cooler than any of my friends for at least a day. Money well spent, in my book. Did I mention this site allows you to play up to 21 at the same time?

More things that have been occupying DJ Steve’s time after the jump!

‘LOST’ + The Get Up Kids = Emo Fantasy Tie-Ins

February 23, 2010


OK, as of right now I am looking at t-minus seven hours until official PST LOST episode commencement. Needless to say, like most of the western world who is unfortunately being disappointed yet still gripped by the final season, my mind is a jumble of theories, flash-forwards, flashbacks, and insignificant (or are they?) points about the show. A few weeks back, after a hearty drinking session with a co-worker who shared most, if not all, of my music listening habits of the late 1990s, I went back and started listening again to one of my all time favorite bands The Get Up Kids [RIP]. Headed down this path of musical re-enlightenment, little did I know that my constantly wandering LOST-mind would draw uncanny parallels to songs I have listened to for years without ever making a connection.

I present to you, readers, the song “Valentine” by TGUK: a quintessential track off their quintessential album, Something To Write Home About. This song defined what people came to love about the band. It also ultimately led to their downfall as the band, increasingly tired of their “emo” moniker, felt forced to aggressively alter their sound and, in turn, alienate many fans. The song is below in video form and the lyrics are found after the jump. Bear with me for the mind-melting LOST tie-in.

Craving more?

Lifting Fog Live: ‘LOST’ Season Six Premiere on Waikiki Beach

February 1, 2010

Occasionally DJ Steve and I work up the courage to leave the comfortable glow of our computers and actually, you know, go outside. Turns out there’s an exciting and unpredictable world out there! LIFTING FOG LIVE is where we catalog those real-world adventures and move from the realm of “I found this online” to “I did this for real.” Hold onto your butts.


It was really something of a special DHARMA treat — and an amazing case of cosmic fate — that I was in Oahu, HI and on Waikiki Beach Saturday night for the world premiere of LOST‘s sixth and final season. The last one! No more! After five years of loyal viewing and a fruitless number of hours spent researching quantum physics, I was finally granted the chance to come face to face with the show’s cast and crew…and, of course, to watch the first hour of Tuesday’s season premiere. You say you haven’t seen it? I’m sorry! It’s all too appropriate that a show founded on dividing viewers keep the tradition alive as it nears the finish line.

But forget the fact that I now know more than any of you about Kate hooking up with Locke, or Frogurt turning out to be the Smoke Monster. Saturday night wasn’t about lingering questions, BROTHER, but about celebrating a show that’s come to represent so much more than just a great mystery story. 10,000 NERDS, all nerdier than me, were in attendance at the event. An absolutely nuts amount of nerds (I’ve got the photos to prove it!), and something that speaks less to a “great turnout” than it does a sense of community and shared cultural experience; a tie that, even though rooted in something fictional, means quite a bit to a great many people.

The whole story after the jump!

A Lost Episode Without Juliet is Like a Flower Without its Petals

February 19, 2009

Oh Lost, why must you pain me so? Don’t worry, no SPOILER ALERTS here… just a longing reflection of the woman of my Professor Frink-iest dreams… Dr. Juliet Burke. Seriously Lindelof, what the shit is going on? Juliet has scarcely said more than 20 words this season (not that she ever needs to say much more to get her point across). I miss the days where she was the Prison Guard to Jack’s prisoner status in the delightful Prisoner’s Dilemma example from Season 3. “Eat your food, Jack.” Yes ma’am!

She was the apple of more than one man on the Island’s eye. But is it because of her cold logic problem solving or her perfectly rumpled J. Crew buttondowns matching her just woke up dirty blonde curls? For me, I don’t know if I can discern between the two: both have me tittering like a school boy on chicken finger day in the cafeteria. All I’m saying is Juliet is the keeper of all things holy and secret on the Island. She’s been playing all sides, all the time: Others, other Others, Tailies, the Oceanic 6, you name it. And I’ve never blamed her once. Juliet, how could I stay mad at you? When you quietly and bluntly tell me what to do and where to go, I’m protesting on the outside but melting on the inside. This may have been the nerdiest post I’ve ever written. Good thing no one from the Lost cast is a member of the blogosphere, right?

2009 Can’t Come Soon Enough

November 20, 2008

With Watchmen and the fifth season of LOST (three-hour premiere airs Jan. 21st!) double-teaming the geek lobe of my brain, it’s all I can do to finish out this year with any sense of propriety. Posters like the one below (courtesy of Ain’t It Cool News) just make the task that much more difficult.


What was good about 2008, anyway? While it would be nice for LOST advertising to move beyond its lingering blue period, I’m still totally jazzed by the design. The Oceanic Six… castaways still stuck on the island… society… wilderness… order… chaos. Dichotomy! Only LOST affords me the chance to write navel-gazing bullshit while simultaneously name-dropping philosophers in a way that’s only sort of douchey. God, I love this show. See you soon, Kate…

6 To Midnight: LOST Season 5 Teaser

October 24, 2008

It really isn’t fair. Fall TV is in full-swing and my viewing schedule largely complete… save for one show. One awesome, badass show. Four months still separate me and other creepily obsessed fans from the fifth and penultimate season of LOST (apart from the fact that I think the title is capitalized like this, the show just deserves it), ABC’s best show and one of the most engaging hours of television… ever. While there are other shows I like better, none can match LOST for sheer excitement or WTF-ness. I’ve watched religiously since the start of season two; it’s the reason most of my college professors thought I was retarded.

ANYWAY, linked here (c/o EW’s PopWatch blog) is the cockteaser trailer for said fifth season. Current WordPress technology prevents me from embedding the video like a truly masterful blogger, but know that I would if I could. Namaste!

Unnecessary TV Supplements: “Lost Book Club”

August 6, 2008

I’m presupposing a few things in writing this post:

  1. You’re a fan of ABC’s simultaneously rewarding and infuriating show “Lost”.
  2. Like me, you’re sometimes unhealthily obsessed with its mythology and abundance of literary references.
  3. You’ve got time to kill.
If you fit all three of these descriptions, then read on!

Lost was truly designed for people like me. I mean, sure – normal people watch it, too, eagerly awaiting the next Kate/Sawyer hookup or mind blowing revelation (there’s a time machine! Jack and Claire are siblings! The Dharma Initiative is SkyNet!). They can follow without risking their marriages or sanity, just happily along for the ride. But what kind of way to watch television is that? Thankfully, the show has always catered primarily to its “hardcore” demographic, fans who aren’t satisfied with a meager hour per week and need additional sustenance to keep their addiction in check. There are sly references to previous episodes, clues that might lead to greater understanding of the island. Special videos premiere at Comic-Con, designed to whet fans’ appetites for the upcoming season. For the true nerds, though, the ones for whom Dungeons and Dragons “isn’t immersive enough” and most pants are “too constricting”, there’s the “Lost Book Club”. More? Really?