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Today Might As Well Be Christmas AND Your Birthday…

January 17, 2009
This family got a PS2 AND something else!

This family got a PS2 AND something else!

… Because today is the first day of the Circuit City liquidation sale. You know that retail store that never had commercials and was always a mere 500 ft. beyond the Best Buy you preferred to shop in because of its close proximity of your house? It’s closing. And with its exodus from the world of electronics retailing is going all of its inventory. I stumbled upon this link that had me more excited than N64 kid on ecstasy (a bit redundant I know; I always assumed he was on it, anyways).

Imagine everything you always wanted – cheaper. Needless to say you should run, not walk, to your local Circuit City and buy things you don’t need with the money you don’t have. Recession ‘smession.