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“Legos on Acid” or “What have you done that’s so great?”

August 25, 2009

Fifty years ago families would sit in front of the radio, once a day, for their news and entertainment. Correspondence with friends and relatives might take days or weeks, a properly crafted letter the primary form of communication. TV dinners didn’t exist, because TVs weren’t yet in mass production and the microwave had not even been conceived. It was a slower, simpler time.

Today we can order Chipotle from our cell phones, which makes the unimaginably exhausting work put into the video below all the more incredible:

Whaaaaaattt??!?!? According to his YouTube page, this Lego tribute to 8-bit games* (and Legos) took creator Thomas Redigh around 1500 hours to construct and shoot. That’s two full months of work, guys! Save for crying about stuff like this, I have never been so dedicated to anything in my life. Leave it to the Swedes to show the rest of us (even fellow Scandinavians) how lazy we all are.

* At some point I might have asked “If I’m devoting the better part of my time and energy to this project, shouldn’t I have chosen a more fulfilling subject than videogames?” but I digress.