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An Important Message From Lando Calrissian

March 30, 2009

… And we’re back, kicking off another week of “will they/won’t they?” blogging tension here at Lifting Fog! Plenty of new stuff – spanning the breadth of human experience – to look forward to as we kick off the month of April, all of it entertaining. And all of it trans-fat free! (So you don’t have to feel guilty!) Before you fire up that Excel spreadsheet, though, a celebration of consequence-free hedonism with our favorite Sultan of Sin (and newly elected Supreme Chancellor of the Galaxy), Lando Calrissian. Billy Dee Williams? You just know they’re the same guy. Keep on pimpin’!

(Thanks, Luke, for another stellar alcohol-related YouTube link!)

Decision 2008: Calrissian vs. Palpatine

November 4, 2008

It looks like a video player, doesn't it?

It looks like a video player, doesn't it? Click to see the image move.

Apparently, even elections in galaxies far, far away suffer through brutal campaign seasons.

Not much of a debate here if you ask me: while technically “inexperienced” in the realm of galactic politics, General Calrissian (yes, he served in the military) comes with undeniable charisma, a strong advising staff, and documented success in community organizing. Claims that his ties to radical friends may compromise his judgment are patently ludicrous. He is more than qualified to lead. Senator Palpatine, well, he called for the eradication of the Jedi. Plus he’s just OLD.

Calrissian-Chewbacca ’08!

(Editor’s Note: I don’t think Senator John McCain bears any resemblance, in image or disposition, to Senator/Emperor Palpatine. Those who would claim that he does – or would top that with comparisons to Mussolini, Stalin, or Hitler – are out of their f*cking minds. Calm down, people.)