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It’s A Crow Eating Contest

August 1, 2008

The Watchmen movie marketing machine (M³) is still batting a thousand. First that pimptastic teaser. Then the introduction of unique “Motion Comics.” Now these:

Dr. Manhattan

Dr. Manhattan

Oh, there’s more.

Do Not Go Gentle Into That ‘Dark Knight’ (Part One)

July 22, 2008

I’ve discovered I have too much to say about this one to keep it contained in a quick post. Part two to follow shortly; my seeking help soon after that, I promise.

Holy shit, dude. If you’ve been anywhere near a newspaper, television, computer (…), or, well, movie theater these past five days you’ll no doubt have discovered that The Dark Knight, the latest entry in the Batman series, kicks astonishing amounts of ass. Delivering fully on the last lines of its predecessor, Knight presents a Gotham teetering on the edge of chaos and dependent on a group of flawed crusaders – one caped, the others in suit and tie – to somehow keep the balance. Gotham is Rome. It’s Baltimore. It’s fucking Sodom. Christopher Nolan keeps us invested not only in Batman’s plight, but also that of Harvey Dent, Jim Gordon, the police department, the mayor’s office, Wayne Enterprises. In many ways the film is less a portrait of the titular character than of the city he’s trying to save; it’s The Wire with a psychopathic clown. (more…)