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A Time Waster Twice Over

September 11, 2008

Another limited audience videogame post, but I think the embedded video speaks to a larger Japanese obsession with order and detailing more than the Pokemon television series ever could. Seriously, more man-hours were probably devoted to this video than to the first Apollo mission. For a truly mind-expanding time, watch it on acid!

All the credit in the (Super Mario) world to Tian Xie, who beat me to this video by about two months. Congratulations, you are the winner!

So It’s Not A Documentary

July 28, 2008

Being unemployed, I find that one of the easiest ways I can make myself useful is brightening the days of my work-saddled friends. With that in mind, a limber Monday morning post to kick off another work week. Take 35 seconds and fill your cubicle with dangerous levels of cuteness.

NEXT WEEK: The voices of Snorlax, Charizard, and Kadabra Jigglypuff get their turn!

Han Ninguba Fodofogu