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Questioning The Digital Age

September 3, 2008

This started as a plug for the iTunes exclusive “Rain of Madness” but opened some wacky doors… then became bigger than I had expected… and finally took the typical Henning turn into meandering essay territory. So you should totally read on! Still, the question of cinematic accessibility is one that interests me quite a bit – call it a passion project – and I’d like to write more. Best left to the pros? You be the judge.

I’ve recently become the worst type of movie-goer, namely one who doesn’t actually go to see movies. According to my ticket stubs (yes, I save them), the last two I caught were Pineapple Express and Step Brothers – neither anything to write home about, but more importantly neither premiering past the second week of August. What’s happened to me? Have the shackles of pseudo-employment kept me away from the theater? I can partly forgive myself knowing that the last weeks of summer are typically a dumping ground for second-tier comedies and Nicholas Cage action movies (this one’s called BANGKOK DANGEROUS… actually, that’s kind of awesome), but the guilt remains – I’ve got to get back on the movie wagon. With fall’s numerous prestige pics approaching, the options are plentiful. Toronto Film Festival? Venice? Pssshh. Why book a flight when the whole world is online? Read more!