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BDA: The Northeast (9/27-28/10)

October 21, 2010

It is a truth universally acknowledged that wanting for high-end retail in the wilds of Pennsylvania and New York, you are never far from a  fireworks outlet. And so it was, armed with Blue Thunder rockets and a prodigious amount of roman candles, that I made my way to Ithaca, NY for the first leg of my cross-country trip.

The weather didn’t get the memo I sent about “amping up the poetry” on my drive through western Pennsylvania, but this just gave me time away from scenery-shooting — plenty to follow over the next 16 days! — to concentrate on becoming one with my ride. Day one saw a lot of firsts, actually: first gas pumping (both alone and with company, as NJ forbids us juicehead gorillas from doing it ourselves), first cruise control experimentation. That you can actually get the car to drive for you sort of I still marvel at like a kid building a science fair volcano, or discovering cheating through your calculator. Just an amazing world.

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