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How Many Inside Jokes Do You Get on

November 29, 2008

Before I reveal my earth-shattering, awe-inspiring score, I implore you, the readers, to join me in this experiment. has long been the ironic t-shirt epicenter of the interweb, providing devastatingly exclusive, inside joke supported clothing that only the wittiest of your friends understand (usually your friends that wear glasses, 9 out of 10 times). The references are wide and varied (read as: if you can’t remember 10th grade history class or you don’t own a TV, then you need not apply). That is, if you are over the age of 32 or under the age of 15, I triple-dog-dare you to understand more than 50% of the t-shirts sold there. Attending or having attended a liberal arts university couldn’t hurt either.

But maybe it can be a learning experience, or a way to “bond” with your kids just before they pretend to love you on the one day a year where they feel obligated to. A brand new Xbox 360… for the 2nd solarium in our house in Aspen? Mom, you really are the BEST. My current total is an impressive 298/310 references, which is roughly 96%. Granted, some of the shirts aren’t quite inside jokes, but consider them freebies for all you noobz0rz. After you’ve tallied it up, post your score here, and then consider your percentage as your “cool” factor or your “essence.” More importantly consider it your “self-worth” in the eyes of the Gods of popular culture (e.g. Lifting Fog editorial staff). Good night, and good luck.

T-Shirts More Rife With Irony Than A Hollister Store

November 2, 2008
Ironic AND Poignant!

Ironic AND Poignant!

Ahoy readers! I’ve come to tell you about a phenomenon that was only recently made aware to me in the ironic t-shirt world. Ever since websites like BustedTees and Local Celebrity started making millions, everyone’s favorite fair-and-balanced democratic news outlet CNN has gotten involved. Head over to the CNN t-shirt section to order a t-shirt in various colors with a humorous or important news headline printed in a fashionable, and of course, ironic way. Here’s an example. Now you can be the coolest kid at school this week! At least until everyone else catches on (Fall Out Boy used to be indie, man!) and it becomes lame. I’d give it two weeks before your frat brother roommate is sporting one, so go now!