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The Queen of England Celebrates April Fool’s Day at Our Expense at the G20 Conference

April 1, 2009
Taken Yesterday in Buckingham Palace

Taken Yesterday In Buckingham Palace

You’ve seen the Google tricks. You’ve noticed LF’s redecorating. Now behold the Queen mother of all pranks. In case you missed it, Prez Obama headed to the UK yesterday to rub elbows with the rest of the world’s greatest leaders to try to figure out the whole everyone-in-the-world-lost-their-job-and-savings-because-of-the-US thing. (Side note: Didn’t there used to be only 8 countries that mattered in the world… since when are there 20?! I mean I know Cuba’s been having a great year, but I don’t even know 20 people that I could trust with money, let alone 20 COUNTRIES!) But we didn’t elect no April’s Fool; the man came prepared. Obama ceremoniously presented the Queen with a SUPER special edition iPod: one with the yet to be released 2Pac comeback album and the entire Trick Daddy music video library video footage from her 2007 trip across the pond to America. Stacks on DECK, Barack… well played. But then the exchange turned volatile. CNN reports that the Queen then presented our commander in chief with “…a signed photograph of her and her husband, Prince Phillip, in a silver frame, her standard gift to foreign dignitaries.” Hey Obama: YOU JUST GOT PUNKED SON!

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