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Barfoed Does America: How Not to Pack (9/27/10)

October 6, 2010

One week later I’m returning to the scene of the crime — the crime being everything about Lifting Fog, I guess! — to try and figure out just how to break this now half-over trip down in blog form. Originally I had thought I’d write in legs (Home-Ithaca; Nashville-New Orleans) as a way of organizing my thoughts, but that seemed forced — like I’d be imposing some rigid structure and expectation on something that’s been anything but. Then I thought maybe I’d try VLOGGING for the first time — turn the camera on and just let my twisted improvising guide the way. But of course vlogging is dumb.


So forgoing any kind of motif or design, I’m just going to tackle each post on its own terms. Didn’t Michelangelo say something about letting the marble “speak to him,” or something? I think he did. He just never imagined I’d be the Michelangelo of the 21st century, and “Barfoed Does America” my David. Because he would have totally killed himself.

…And with that, let’s jump right in!

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